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242 Wythe Ave #4, Brooklyn, NY 11249
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Offering solid, sound advice and is trusted by her listeners.

Debbie’s show offers a variety of topics that appeal to a large base of potential customers. She is known for offering solid, sound advice and is trusted by her listeners. The topics discussed on her show include but are not limited to: Mortgages, insurance on homes, cars, small businesses, investments, annuities, long term care, health insurance, life insurance, and money ideas for a solid and sound future.

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Reach a new customer base.

Reach a new customer base through this lively host who is guaranteed to inform and entertain listeners, while providing advice in a simple to understand way.
Reach out to Debbie today to get started:
Phone: 979-220-3018
Fax: 979-314-4700
Email: debbie@moneystrategieswithdebbie.com