Debbie has nearly 20 years of investigative experience and journalism on topics of insurance, mortgage, and financial advice.


Money Strategies with Debbie

I inherited $1 Million Big ones… what now?

So you came into some money – let’s make sure that you have the basics shored up first.
1) Savings account – 3 to 6 months of living expenses in a regular savings account that is in cash.
2) If you are taking social security – you might need to suspend that – seek advice on this one.
3) Stocks, Bonds – depends on what you have before this…..
4) Life insurance – if you want to leave money to your kids – or grandkids this is a great way to transfer money to another generation with tax ramifications.
5) Would you like to set your kids/ grandkids up a college fund? 529 plans can be contributed by any family member and just let it grow tax deferred… a great way to help out
6) Annuities – money to leave others – passed down without tax ramifications

Call me today to find out how this could be your plan…. with a CPA’s help – we can work on a legacy for generations to come.