November 2017

Habits that separate the rich from the poor….

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Jim Rohn is one of my favorite speakers – he knows having a little and having a lot. I would rather have a lot… wouldn’t you?

Make a wealth plan… he said. Work harder on you than on your job … he said.
1) 70/30 rule…. why ? […]

Are you unstoppable? If not… read on please….. don’t stop….

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Ok – let’s look at these tips to be unstoppable… it is not hard… just do a few of these tips and you too can be unstoppable.. at anything.

Never be satisfied…. even after you achieve a goal.. then set another goal..

Be true to yourself… don’t live another’s dreams – live yours.

Never let of the pressure… […]

Lessons to live by… and they are just common sense

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What lessons do you need to learn? What lessons will help you have a better life? How about these ….

Don’t let someone else damper your dreams. Don’t let someone else ruin your song… just sing your own song. I have never been in the box… fit in the box…or […]

How to be a Happy Retiree!!!!

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Everyone wants to be happy in retirement – will you make it? What is needed for that to happen? Transitions are really hard after years of living for work and working to live – what are you to do?

You might need to sit down with me before you make the decision to […]

October 2017

Go ahead…. Invest already!!!!

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What are you waiting for? Invest already…. yes I mean it.. nothing is ever going to be perfect. There will be terror attacks, shootings, unrest in the Senate and the House… and I know – we are not even talking about the President….

We are in the 8th year of a great market…. So […]

Affordable Protection for the Ones you LOVE

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Safeguarding your family is at the top of the to do list. There is an easy way to do this. I represent a line of life insurance that you can apply for through a quick, secure and fully electronic process.
If you are approved, you’ll have your coverage in a fraction of the […]

Reverse Mortgage – Is it right for you??

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Is a reverse mortgage the best fit for your retirement? Your house is your home and you have waited a lifetime to retire -Your home is also a large storage of wealth. Home equity loans are expensive – they have a high rate of interest – you don’t want that. […]

Be Thankful!

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Being thankful long term…. pays off. Yes – you heard me right – Some people have a strong sense of gratitude – others think that everything is owed to them. People who are thankful cultivate happier and healthier lives than those that don’t.

Ways to practice being thankful –
1) […]

September 2017

Reverse Mortgage – Why you might need one?

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A reverse mortgage is a great source of extra ease and money during your retirement. Why might you need this? You can use the extra money in several ways:

1) A line of credit that you can use anyway or no way. A reserve to pay for rising or unexpected expenses […]

How can you become more successful? Napoleon Hill knows!

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Whatever the mind can conceive and believe – the mind can achieve.

Let that soak in a minute…. have big big dreams and you can get there – with some advice from Napoleon Hill.

Without a purpose and a plan – you get no where….. make one

Success does not come without […]